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My name is Madison Tyrell, and I’m a painter currently living and working in Barcelona.

My work is a reflection of how I experience my surrounding environments, with included interpretations of time, memory, and spirituality.

The sensation that extends between the self and other. //

Creating a world in these considered reflections.


2024   -   2017

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My artwork is an investigation into our surrounding landscape and its inextricable connection to all aspects of our existence. I am working to document the unseen.

Growing up in the natural beauty of British Columbia, Canada, I developed a fascination with how we perceive natural spaces. This innate connection to nature is now being transformed by my experience of living in Barcelona. I focus on the ethereal sensations found between the crowded streets and the nature that seeps through the cracks, exploring distorted perspectives and a slipping narrative.

I have always been obsessed with nature and the spiritual connection we inherently share with it. This obsession has led me to investigate how we create and occupy new spaces alongside the natural world. My latest work attempts to express the more natural side of our connection, delving into memory and perception of these shifting spaces, highlighting the ethereal sensation between what we see and what we feel.

I perceive moments of space and time that slip between our everyday surroundings.

MADISON ROSE TYRELL: (b. 1994, Vancouver, BC, Canada) received her BFA in 2017 from Queens University in Kingston, ON. She began exhibiting her paintings in 2017, following her artist residency in Berlin. She later returned to Vancouver held her first solo show Adorn & Dissolve at SoMa (Vancouver) in 2019. Currently, she is working abroad in Barcelona where her work was included in the Nasevo FEV Foundacion, and exhibited in the Casa Vicens Gaudí. In 2023, she held her first solo exhibition Loosing Touch with Lab36 in Barcelona. This year she had her international debut at the UVNT Art Fair in Madrid with Lab36.
A selection of her latest work can be viewed at Beta Contemporary Art’s summer salon show in Barcelona ; June 13- July 14, 2024.



-UVNT Art Fair, Madrid, Lab36

- Loosing Touch, Lab36, Barcelona, Spain
-Slipping In A Circle, Benjamin Lumb Art House, Coal Harbor, Vancouver, BC 

-Adorn & Dissolve, S
oMa, Vancouver, BC

- Adorn & Dissolve II, Modern Fuel, Kingston, ON 


2012-2017 BFAH, Queen’s University, ON


 -Spark Box Studios, Picton ON 
-Galerie 102, Berlin, Germany 


-TPM Issue 2.3 : Artist Interview
2018 /17
-A5 Portfolio #6,
 UK , Sept. 2017
-Wotisart #21, UK, December, 2018 -Galleria Banditto Interview, Italy, Sept. 2018 



-Summer Salon Show, Beta Contemporary, Barcelona, June 13-July 14
-Open Art House, Cera 13, Barcelona, Spain
 - Nasevo, FEV Foundacion, Casa Vicens Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain 

- En Trance - Zoh Art, Barcelona, Spain

 - Langley Arts: artSpacific, Langley, BC

 - Harmony Art Festival @ B Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC

-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, SOMA, Vancouver 
-Neither Here Nor There, SOMA, Vancouver

 -Art! Vancouver Fair 

-Temporary Identities, Galerie 102, Berlin -Striking the Line, Union

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